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AREA PROFILE South Luzon: Cavite

General demography

  • Land Area   : 1,427.06 km2
  • Capital    :  Imus (P.D.1163)
  • Income Class   :  First Class
  • Congressional Districts  : 7
  • Cities    : 4
  • Municipalities   : 19
  • No. of Barangays  : 829 (Proc. No. 28)
  • Seat of Provincial Government  :Trece Martires City
  • Provincial Governor  :Hon. Erineo “Ayong” S. Maliksi

Quick Facts

  • Human Resources (Proj)   : 2,987,891
  • 2008 Population
    • Voting Population (2010) :  1,634,101
    Population Density  :  2,094 persons/km2
    • No. of Households  : 617,843
  • Growth Rate   : 4.59%
  • Total Labor Force  :  1,131,215
    • Industrial sites   : 45
    Employment Rate  : 84.40%
    • Employed Labor Force  : 954,745
  • Literacy Rate   : 96.52%
  • No. of Private Hospitals  :  40      No. of Government Hospitals : 12
  • Vital Health Indices
    • Infant Mortality Rate  : 5.43%
    Maternal Mortality Rate  : 22.19%
    • Crude Death Rate   : 3.16%
    Crude Birth Rate  : 20.41%

Agricultural Products, Geography and Climate

  • Coconut, Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar Cane, Banana
  • 47 kilometers from the heart of Metro Manila, lies along the southern shore of Manila Bay. It is bounded on the north by Manila Bay and Metro Manila, on the east by Laguna, on the west by the South China Sea, and on the south by Batangas.
  • The physiography of this province is diverse. It is a combination of lowland, coastline, and upland areas. It has two pronounced seasons: dry from November to April and wet from May to October.
  • From March to July, warm temperature of 28.8 degrees centigrade is experienced and during January, February and December, the temperature is cool at 25.8 degrees centigrade.

Economic and Political Situation

  • Contrary to the number of business and economic growth the province remains divided with the rich few and vast poor majority that live on slums along industrial and business center including coastal areas. While the rural areas maintains the backward agricultural development existing between farmers and landlords
  • The political seat of power is controlled by succession of dynasties (Montano, Remulla, Revilla and Maliksi)  that stretches down to the municipal level.
  • Election hotspots are the towns of Bacoor, Imus and Tanza Bacoor, Cavite:
  • Bacoor, Cavite is the 2nd Congressional District of the province and is home to more than 600,000 inhabitants mostly migrants from provinces. The voting population is 275,511 (the 2nd largest in Cavite).
  • The major political position is a congressional seat and a town mayor being disputed by 3 clans (Abaya, Revilla and Castillo)
  • The town was put under COMELEC Control on May 3, 2010 due to the recent election related violence (strafing, abduction and murder).

One burning issue is the building of infrastructure projects (road and reclamation projects along the former coast line of Binakayan , Kawit  and once community of  more than 200 families of fisherfolks and dock of more than 90 fishing boats.

The 7 km R1 expressway is part of the 27.2km Cavite-Laguna North-South highway that is funded by the World Bank (WB) worth USD 180 million

This project is not just about the R1 issue but also the reclamation area to add prime lots that would be sold to big businesses, developers and foreign investors. This is the result of the planned 68 hectare export processing zone in the reclaimed area of Bacoor Bay thru the funding of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Effects of the project : Dislocation of the livelihood of 12,402 fisherfolks along the coastal area of Bacoor Bay and Canacao Bay.

Another 3,770 fisherfolks from the towns of Maragondon, Naic and Ternate  are concerned about the rapid coastal conversion because of the Hamilo Cove project of SM Development Corp. and the 8 km Nasugbu-  Ternate Road.

Food security will worsen due to the conversion of another 9,186 hectares of agricultural land from the towns of Naic and Tanza brought by the project. #


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